Water Purification


The Benefits of water purification systems

Studies show that 64% of water contaminants enter our bodies through our skin. While bathing or showering, our bodies absorb the same amount of chlorine as drinking eight glasses of chlorinated water!

Public water systems are simply outdated. The current water treatment technology and government agencies cannot keep up with the growing list of organic and chemical contaminants in our water. Even in Des Moines, the city stated that they are doing the best they can and suggested to homeowners to purify the water further at the faucet.


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How a water purification system works:

  1. Filtration System - prevents bacterial growth and removes heavy metals, chlorine, herbicides and pesticides from the water so they can’t harm your body.
  2. Descaler – removes existing scale build up, then prevents new scale build up from forming thus extending the life of your plumbing and appliances. A series of electronic, high-frequency pulses are sent through the water, turning the water from bi-carbonate to carbonate form. Now the water will not stick to the pipes and absorbs into the skin faster, without leaving a slick or slimy feeling.
  3. Doesn't Remove the Good Stuff – Your body needs calcium and magnesium. A reverse-osmosis system removes this from your water, creating “hungry water” which will rob your body and bones of the calcium and minerals needed to be healthy.


Whole House water purification


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